Rebuilding Together in Miami

The Window Source is Partnering with Rebuilding Together to Revitalize, Repair, and Rebuild Homes for Seniors, Veterans, and Low-Income Homeowners Across the Country

Partnership Supports The Repair Of Homes For People In Need And The Revitalization of Communities

We are Revitalizing Communities by Repairing Homes for People in Need

Rebuilding Together, a prominent national nonprofit dedicated to essential home repairs and community revitalization, has launched a nationwide initiative in collaboration with The Window Source. This joint venture aims to tackle pressing housing issues by performing vital repairs, ensuring that homes are safe, healthy, and accessible for all.

The Window Source pledges to contribute a part of their total sales to this noble cause, aiming to facilitate safer and healthier living conditions for low-income homeowners, the elderly, and veterans. This partnership seamlessly aligns with their ongoing efforts to uplift communities and enable residents to remain in their homes. Known for offering top-tier, customized, energy-efficient windows and doors, The Window Source caters to homeowners throughout the nation.

Every state that houses a Window Source outlet also hosts a local Rebuilding Together affiliate. This structure allows local Window Source owners and their clientele to contribute directly to their communities by supporting the nonprofit’s goal of refurbishing the homes of the needy and rejuvenating neighborhoods. Our customers have the option to round up their purchases and donate the excess to this esteemed organization and the owners of The Window Source locations are encouraged to donate products, expertise, or manual labor to designated Rebuilding Together projects.

Acknowledging the significance of community support, The Window Source is devoted to ensuring that homes are secure and health-friendly, fostering generational wealth via homeownership and breathing life into neighborhoods countrywide. Their alliance with Rebuilding Together amplifies their dedication to homeowners, promising amplified positive outcomes. Keith Kailian, The Window Source’s President, declared that the company would contribute a dollar for each window and door unit sold in the future.

About Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is the leading national nonprofit organization repairing the homes of people in need and revitalizing our communities. Through its national network of affiliates, Rebuilding Together works proactively and collaboratively with community leaders, long-term residents, funders, and volunteers to foster dialogue and create safe, healthy communities across the country. Learn more and get involved at rebuildingtogether.org.

About The Window Source

The Window Source is a network of carefully selected independently owned and operated entrepreneurs backed by a national brand. The Window Source believes that local family-owned businesses, supported by industry leaders with more than 40 years of operating experience, are an ideal combination for a company that values providing high-quality exterior home-improvement products at the possible best prices, as well as industry-leading customer service. Learn more about The Window Source location near you at https://thewindowsource.net/locations/.

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