Examining the NFRC rating is the most dependable method to evaluate different windows. This rating includes the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which are essential indicators of a window’s overall performance and are validated independently. Lower ratings signify superior performance. 

Since the preference between U-Factor and SHGC depends on your specific climatic conditions, choose NFRC ratings that align with both your environmental and budgetary needs, ignoring any sales hype.

Q: What is an Energy Star window?

Due to the federal government’s sponsorship of the ENERGY STAR® window certification program, selecting windows that are optimized for energy efficiency and adaptability to various climate conditions is possible. To qualify, windows need to meet or exceed the standards outlined below. These criteria, grounded in all NFRC’s performance ratings, vary according to different climate zones.

  • Northern Zone (blue): U-Factor of .30 or less, SHGC any
  • North Central Zone (yellow): U-Factor of .32 or less, SHGC of .40 or less
  • South Central Zone (orange): U-Factor of .35 or less, SHGC of .30 or less
  • Southern Zone (red): U-Factor of .60 or less, SHGC of .27 or less

Q: Does The Window Source Install Energy Star windows and doors?

Certainly! Any window or patio door that is purchased with a Low-E glass upgrade will meet the ENERGY STAR® standards for the specific climate zone in which it is bought. This assurance is always provided in writing within the contract specifications to ensure that you are confident in ordering and receiving the optimal Low-E glass tailored for your specific climate conditions.

Q: Are tax credits available for windows and doors?

With our ENERGY STAR® products — yes!

-exterior doors (30% of costs up to $250 per door, up to a total of $500);
-exterior windows and skylights (30% of costs up to $600); and
-insulation materials or systems and air sealing materials or systems (30% of costs).

Q: How can The Window Source be so much more affordable than other companies?

Due to our significant national purchasing ability, The Window Source of Miami offers premium vinyl windows at incredibly reasonable prices. Our cost-effective prices and streamlined buying process enhance our efficiency, enabling us to transfer the savings directly to you.

Q: Is the installation as important as the window?

Yes, a window must fit the opening and leave room for plumbing and squaring the new window, so it must be precisely measured. No matter how high the quality of the new window, it will not seal and work well if it is not squared and properly plumbed. Our highly skilled technicians are extensively trained to ensure our products are installed with expert care.

Q: How does the Window Source assure me of a great job at an unbeatable price?

We offer experience, product-specific expertise, and operation efficiency unmatched in the Miami area coupled with bulk purchasing options to save you money.

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