Double Hung Hurricane Impact Windows in Miami

A World-Class Option

Our hurricane impact windows are available in various shapes and sizes, each with distinct operating mechanisms — some are operated by a crank, others slide horizontally, and there are those that remain fixed. In the Miami area, where homeowners deal with extreme weather, many prefer our timeless double hung hurricane impact windows, known for their vertical sliding feature. These impact resistant windows are known for their efficiency and can be enhanced with ENERGY STAR® rated glass to optimize their performance, especially during hot and humid Southeastern Florida summers.

What is a Double-Hung Window? 

A double-hung hurricane impact window is characterized by its two separate sashes or panels that move independently, either upwards or downwards, facilitating effective ventilation and airflow within a home. The Window Source of Miami offers double-hung windows equipped with a specialized balance system, integrated into the window sashes, ensuring they remain in the desired position. And for maintenance convenience, our hurricane resistant double-hung windows can be tilted forward, making the cleaning process easy and hassle-free.

Double Hung Window Graphic - The Window Source of Miami

What Makes Our Double-Hung

Windows a Terrific Option?

  • Our windows are engineered to withstand the harsh South Florida weather, offering exceptional strength and longevity. 

  • Both upper and lower sashes tilt forward, simplifying the cleaning process. 

  • Every window we offer comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring peace of mind. 

  • Made from premium vinyl, our impact resistant windows are maintenance-free, resisting chipping, peeling, cracking, and warping, which is a common issue with wooden windows.

  • Included screens allow the breeze to enter while preventing pests from coming in.
  • Our components are not only high quality but are designed for impact resistance, effortless operation, enduring durability, and a weather-tight seal, all at an affordable price. 

  • The innovative design of our sloped sills ensures rapid water drainage during inclement weather. 

  • Enhance your home’s ventilation effectively with our design. 

  • Each hurricane resistant double-hung window is customized to fit precisely, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

  • Our windows give you the unsurpassed ability to effectively ventilate your home.

Our 3000 Series Double-Hung Windows Help You Save Big

Considering your budget, the energy-saving design of our impact resistant double-hung windows from the 3000 series could be the ideal choice. They boast an attractive appearance, are constructed with premium materials, and feature a fusion-welded frame that surpasses the durability of fixed joints, ensuring peak performance for many years. If you are looking to upgrade the windows in your current home or need cost-effective options for a new build, our 3000 series double-hung windows are a fantastic solution and will protect your home during Florida’s extreme weather events.

Double hung window in a living room - The Window Source of Miami
Double hung window in a kitchen - The Window Source of Miami

The Leader of the Pack — Our Popular 6000 Series Double-Hung Windows

Our top-selling double-hung replacement windows are equipped with impact resistant double-strength glass and hurricane-proven robust materials and engineered for durability and quality. Designed specifically to withstand the rigorous Miami heat, humidity, and extreme storms, these premium vinyl windows ensure your home remains comfortable and protected.

Being a leading window replacement service in Southeastern Florida, we provide a plethora of customization choices. You can select from a variety of vinyl colors and glass types to seamlessly match and enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Top of the Line — High Performance Weather Resistant 9000 Series Windows

Our 9000 series double-hung windows represent the pinnacle of window replacement innovation. They are equipped with impact resistant triple strength glass that’s enhanced with double Low E coatings and are filled with two sections of inert Argon gas. For those looking to bolster their defense against the severe heat and humidity of Southeastern Florida, options to upgrade with triple glazing or foam insulation embedded within the frame and sash are available. This not only amplifies their energy efficiency but ensures their durability and weather resistance over a lifetime.

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